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to the latest on campaign 2012 and the race for the white house and republican mitt romney picked up another personally big endorsement, but his gop opponents are still hanging in there. danielle nottingham reports from the white house. >> reporter: mitt romney took the stage in wisconsin with one of that state's best known lawmakers. he picked up the endorsement of congressman paul ryan, a conservative known for taking a tough line on government spending. >> because in this man we have a person of conviction, we have a man with the right kind of experience. >> reporter: ryan joins a growing list of republican leaders lining up to support romney including former president george h.w. bush. despite that the former governor's chief rival rick santorum says he'll fight to the finish campaigning in wisconsin saying the obama administration keeps imposing rules that are killing jobs. >> i will eliminate every single one of those regulations on day one. >> reporter: santorum is trailing seven points behind romney in the latest wisconsin poll. newt gingrich is barely registering on the same surv
measure requires women to have an adomal ultrasound. that law takes effect in july. >> mitt romney is working to capitalize on his wins in six of the ten super tuesday states. but despite picking up 211 delegates. the attention today has been on the lack of a knockout punch for the front runner. in fact, in ohio, 6 in 10 people asked in exit polling said they were completely sold on the candidate they voted for, and as randall pinkston reports, the battle for the nomination is no closer to ending. >> lesli, mitt romney has reason to celebrate after winning more states and more delegates than any of his opponents in yesterday's super tuesday contest. but political analysts point to some weaknesses saying that romney barely won ohio and had a very poor showing in the south, suggesting that he cannot yet claim support from conservative republicans. mitt romney's campaign insists tuesday's victories mean he will be the last man standing at the end of the republican primary. >> we are doing counting. we are counting up the delegates and it looks good and counting down the days until n
put president obama 8 points ahead of mitt romney, that's if republican get the nomination. if rick santorum is the nomination, he leads by 9 points. but, as danielle tells us today, the republican candidates are focused directly on the state of illinois. >> mitt romney and rick santorum spent the past few days pounding the pavement in illinois. romney continues to make the case that he is the best candidate to win back the white house. >> we're going to get this job done. we are going to defeat barack obama. >> santorum had to do some damage control after saying he didn't, quote, care about the unemployment rate. >> casually you say some things you wish you had a do over. >> mitt romney is expected to do well in suburban chicago districts like this one while rick santorum is counting on a big turnout from conservatives in the southern part of the state. even with a strong turnout, santorum faces an uphill battle for illinois delegates. his campaign did not file the appropriate paperwork in a handful of districts. and some counties have run into their own problem at the polls.
too close to call between mitt romney and rick santorum. >> it's really remarkable. and yet, five polls out today averaged the five polls, dead even. here in the state of ohio. >> ohio voters know no republican has won the presidency without winning ohio. >> mitt romney can win ohio and he does well in places like georgia and tennessee and oklahoma. well, i think it will be tough to deny in the nomination. >> former house speaker needs to win his home state of georgia to stay viable. >> if gingrich doesn't win georgia, even his ego might force him out of this race. >> we're going to carry georgia by a big margin and do much better than people expect. >> ron paul may not have wins tonight, but as he told us at a rally last week -- >> guess what? we're still winning a lot of delegates and that's what counts. >> with so many states in super tuesday, including alaska, political junkies may have to wait until wednesday. >> this is not just about names on a ballot. >> tonight when the official counting takes place and republicans try to figure out if they have a front runner,
with primaries coming up on tuesday ohio is a critical contest for mitt romney and rick santorum. many republicans are still undeeded, but in toledo we found some -- undecided, but in toledo we found some small business owners who know what they wanted. mitt romney got an enthusiastic welcome from supporters in washington state where voters caucus on saturday. >> let's go to work together and keep america the hope of the earth. thank you! >> reporter: romney and rick santorum are favorites to win in washington, but ron paul has invested heavily in the state hoping to get a large share of its 43 delegates. newt gingrich is in georgia looking ahead to super tuesday when 10 states vote and one of the largest pleases is ohio. a new quinnipiac -- prizes is ohio. a new quinnipiac poll shows rick santorum with a slight margin there. manufacturing is the largest part of the economy here in ohio dropped more than 20% and is only now showing signs of improvement. david tv innegar owns this plant that makes metal fence post. his company benefited from the stimulus package but he believe as to mu
the campaign 2012 spotlight tomorrow, but ohio is considered the super tuesday prize. today mitt romney and rick santorum spent their days in the buckeye state. newt gingrich is focused on georgia and tennessee and ron paul campaigned in idaho. >>> 437 delegates are up for grabs in tomorrow's super tuesday contest, 49 right here in virginia. we sent our peggy fox to find out what awaits voters when they reach the polls. >> reporter: virginia doesn't act like it's holding the presidential primary tomorrow unless you catch those sporadic handmade ron paul signs which look a bit sad compare god last november's sign-o -mania -- compared to last november's sign-o-mania elections. >> we always anticipate a lot of voters because we want to have everyone who is eligible to vote. >> reporter: while she hopes for a busy day, election manager judy flagg is realistic. >> it's going to be slow. >> here's the sad. ballot it. couldn't be >>>er. one question, two candidates, but there's a -- simpler, one question, two candidates, but there's a concern some voters won't like the choices. only mitt rom
suggested that the country would be just as well off reelecting president obama as choosing mitt romney. but today, he said that comment was misconstrued. >> i've said repeatedly and will continue to say, i'll vote for whoever the republican nominee is. barack obama is a disaster. but we can't have someone that agrees with him on some of the biggest issues of the day and that's the problem with governor romney. >> okay, well the latest poll shows santorum's comments haven't hurt him with voters in louisiana. he leads romney and newt gingrich by 24. >>> once the louisiana primary is all done, the focus shifts north. the next set of contests are on april 3 when maryland, d.c., and wisconsin will be holding their primary. and next week, some of the gop hopefuls will be campaigning in our neighborhood. the latest edition could be santorum. his campaign tells us he'll hold an event in maryland or wisconsin on tuesday. newt gingrich is visiting the free state that same day and ron paul will be in college park on wednesday. voters in maryland and d.c. don't have to wait until april 3. tomorr
like those yesterday in alabama and mississippi, voters will no longer see mitt romney as the inevitable gop nominees saying he's the clear choice to go up against president obama. romney finished behind both santorum and newt gingrich in alabama and mississippi, but his campaign staff is quick to point out romney has won a million more votes than either competitor. as for the next contest, the missouri caucus is saturday. the puerto rico primary is sunday and the illinois primary is next tuesday. >>> still ahead on 9 news now giving the tsa the boot. we'll tell you about efforts at a major airport to get rid of federal screeners. >>> people are taking to the streets of rockville this evening to support a montgomery county college student who has been threatened with deportation. he's now 19 and jorge acuna has been in the country since he was 8 and his plight has attracted a lot of attention. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in rockville where a young college student facing deportation received a hero's welcome this afternoon after being released from detention. 19-year-o
campaign alive. the former house speaker trails mitt romney and rick santorum in the delegate count. santorum says gingrich should step aside no matter what happens today. >> whether he pulls it out or not, where does he go from here? we go next to illinois and he is sitting at 10% in the state of illinois. >> gingrich says he has no plans to drop out and is vowing to continue to the convention. there is no clear favorite in today's primary, making every vote critical. polls show a tight three-way race between gingrich, romney, and santorum. the majority of voters in alabama identify themselves as evangelical. >> i'm looking for somebody with experience. i'm looking for somebody with tenacity and honesty and somebody who is a christian. >> romney had trouble making end roads with christian conservatives. >> if i become president of the united states, my job is going to make sure that you get great jobs. we have good incomes again and gas prices down. >> he is already in missouri where voters head to the polls on saturday. but, he is hoping to pull off a victory today to show h
in government four years. i want to get america right again. >> romney knows many americans are simply sick of politicians and wants to paint himself as being someone else. the primary is april 3. not winner take all, most of the delegates will be based on what wins with an additional ten. we said blue state maryland, also on april 3, another blue state day, a primary in d.c., also in wisconsin, , which makes it a third on april 3. >>> louisiana's primary this weekend. despite finishing well behind romney in illinois, santorum has no plans to work out. someone says that point is starting to draw nearer. today, former senator and candidate, bob dole, said he stayed in the 1988 nomination for too long and santorum is getting to the same point. >>> also on the campaign trail, president obama made a trip to a giant solar power plant. he chastised his political opponents who belittled that energy source. >> this is creating jobs, generating power, helping to keep our environment clean, making us more competitive globally. you would think that everybody would be supportive. of solar power. that'
on the horizon for mitt romney in campaign 2012. former president george h.w. bush is expected to throw his support behind the republican tomorrow. a spokesperson for the romney campaign says the two will appear together at an event in houston near the 41st president's home. >>> newt gingrich is wrapping up an appearance at georgetown university tonight. he spoke to a group of students about social security reform. it's the republican candidate's first appearance since he cut about 1/3 of his campaign staff and about in an hour ron paul is expected to speak at the university of maryland. both maryland and d.c. hold their primaries this tuesday. >>> still ahead tonight another potential snag for the silver line. we'll tell you what's at stake. >> it sounds like science fiction, but the pentagon has actually developed a ray gun. they sent it to afghanistan, but many in the military refuse to use it. we'll show it to you tonight on the cbs evening news. >>> prices at the punch have officially turned -- pump have officially turned painful. the average price for a regular gallon of gas in the d.
romney is in the lead. >> i'm running for president in part because i have the experience and vision to get us out of this mess. >> you hear him talk about oh, i created jobs in the private sector, but he didn't do anything in massachusetts to create an environment for jobs. why? because he exploded the size and scale of government. >> illinois is essentially a two-man race between santorum and romney. ron paul and newt gingrich chose to skip campaigning there. >>> first lady michelle obama is set to appear on tonight's late showed with david letterman talking about a project called joining forces which supports military personnel and their families. this will be the first lady's first appearance late with dave. >>> or if you want to stick around here, actually let me change this up a little. if you're going to stay around here the next couple weeks, you might want to check out the cherry blossoms. tomorrow marks the beginning of the cherry blossom festival and because of all of our warm weather the trees are already blooming. the national park service says this will be the peak week
massachusetts governor mitt romney is stumping. voters go to the polls to pick a republican candidate sunday. romney spent the earlier part of today campaigning in illinois. so they are covering lots of ground. >>> a casino at national harbor, well, build it and they will come, they as in customers and we as in taxpayers will reall the rewards for the state and county. that was the message from rushern baker, the prince george's county executive. he testified before lawmakers in annapolis. we're looking at whether or not to approve a sixth casino for maryland. baker says they ought to and the best site would be national harbor calling it a win/win for maryland and prince george's. >> having a sixth sight come to prince george's county would. only give us more revenue, it would give the state more revenues. it would allow to us fund some of our critical needs like education, like public safety, like infrastructure. >> baker says a high end casino at the resort could generate thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in revenue. >>> two former metro workers are expected to plead guilty monday
advertising. >> a new poll shows gingrich leading the pack in mississippi, but rick santorum, mitt romney, and ron paul are making a play for the same voters. >> and we'll be back. >>> today's jobs report shows the economy is get stronger. we'll tell you about that and tell you what it means in the race for the white house. that's tonight on the cbs evening news. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began. a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪ >>> six months ago, a massive sink hole threatened to swallow up two houses in stafford, virginia. it happened during a heavy rainstorm last september. as kristin fisher reports, the rain was not completely to blame. tonight, some say those homes should have never been built there in the first place. >>> we love this home. >> michelle and daniel have been watching their landslide away. they are living in fredericksburg, but they come bac
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14